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About american election

Well, it's been some time.  I just had this huge writer's block, I don't know.

Since everyone's talking about american election these days, I guess I could share my thoughts too, although I won't vote, obviously, since I'm not American.

I really hope Barrack Obama wins, I really do. Although... I know his slogan is "change", but I'm not sure how  much he'll really be able to change... I hope it won't end up all talk and no walk... I just think Bush's actions got to deep, and to just leave and pack out of Iraq now, would be very irresponsible I think. No matter how wrong his actions were in his foreign politics, the biggest mistake being the war in Iraq (that's why I put emphasis on it the most)  it's impossible to just turn completely the other way all of the sudden, it would be too dangerous. And no matter how much Americans dislike his actions now, they did elect him twice in a row, therefore, they hold the responsibility for his actions too. That's why I think leaving Iraq now would be very disrespectful to Iraqi people, who are in a mess they are in now, because Americans elected Bush (twice). America messed up, America should fix it too, not just leave things in dissaray, I think it very irresponsible of Obama to say things like "we're leaving Iraq in 18 months" etc.

I don't like McCain, and Sarah Palin is just laughable imo. Don't know what people see in her really, but it's not my  concern. I like Obama and his philosophy, I like it that he's such an idealist, but I also think he should be a bit more realistic. Change can't come overnight, it has to be a long term decision. If he wins, he gets mandate for 4 years and that's not enoug time, and he should say so openly.  But America does need change, and the world needs it too. Americans should keep in mind, that when they vote, it's not the same as when Croats vote, or Italians, or Australians, or whoever... America is the most powerful country in the world, and when they vote, their decision affects everyone, not just America. If McCain wins, I'll be really dissapointed.

Off topic:
I have new posts in croatia_photos and euro_photos. They're the same, I put some pictures of autumn Zagreb, go check them out, they're really nice.