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Stealing my bike

What a night I had yesterday.

Actually, it all started on friday. I was meeting my friend Martina in the city. My brother is getting married this saturday, so we went shopping for my dress. And, since I came a little earlier home from work on friday, I took my bike, instead of my car.

So, I parked the bike about 100-200 m from where we were about to meet, and then we started the usual shopping route, all shops in Ilica street and around, and I tried on so many dresses I can't even count. So... hours after our of maniacal walking (running) we decided we got hungry, so we went to a pizzeria. And about an hour later, it was already too late to really find anything, and most shops were already closed anyway, so we decided to end the day and go home.

We partly go in te same direction, so we went together. Martina was about to take the tram, and I my bike.

But. I got to my bike, and everything was fine, it was where I left it, and in the condition I left it in, but... I couldn't find the key for the locket! I searched the entire bag at least 7 times, took out everything that was in it, and checked again, and it wasn't there! I had two keys, of course, but the "smart" me never bothered to separate them and put one somewhere safe in case the other gets lost. So I lost both keys LOL. I'm SURE I had them when I left the apartment, because I specifically checked that I had them.

So... I couldn't open the locket. So I had no choice but to take the tram too. I hoped that I dropped them somewhere in the apartment before I left, but... no. They weren't there either.

On saturday I decided that I won't let it bother me, so that I can finally find the dress in peace. I found it after about 8 hours searching, when it was already 6 in the evening. I did check if the bike was still in it's place, and it was.

On sunday, I went home for the weekend, and I talked to my uncle. He's very good with fixing all kinds of things and has alot of different tools, so I asked him if he could go with me and somehow "free" my bike from his sad lonely faith without me. He said sure.

But, in the end, he couldn't come after all, so what to do now? But then, (finally), luckily, faith intervens in the face of my brothers soon-to-be-wife, Zrinka. She spent the day with us, and was going home, it was about 10 in the evening. Normally, I would spend the night and go to work on monday directly from there, but I had an idea. That we could both go, first to my apartment, so I can leave my car there, and then go with her car to town, free the bike and I'd take my bike home, and she'd be on her way. So we both decided "yeah, that's a good plan", borrowed the huge pincers for sawing iron from my uncle, and went to our little adventure. We were both pretty scared, I mean, what if someone reports us to the police? I can't prove that the bike is mine. I bought it over a year ago, and the bill is who knows where. I'm not sure I even have it anymore. That's why I thought it pretty convenient that we go so late on sunday... who goes out on sunday night anyway?

So, we came. And of course, right beside the bike parking, there's a little bank for sitting, and there were two guys sitting there and one girl on the bank a little further. So what to do now? At first I thought we better skip our little robery, and come back on another night, but then Zrinka had a moment of bravery, so we went. We came out of the car carying this giant pincers in a plastic bag. Oh when only i remember now LOL, I SO wish I recorded it all on camera.

Anyway, it didn't work.

We tried about 10 times, and it just didn't work. The pincers did cut the plastic, but not the wires inside. The two guys and a girl looked at us as like we were crazy, the difference was that the guys looked like they were entertaining themselves, and the girl looked scandalized by what we were doing (but didn't call the police after all :)). So we explained that no, we're not stealing the bike, that it was mine, but I lost the keys, so this is the only way to get it back.

I'm not sure if they believed us at all, but the guys then stood up and helped us. And it still didn't work, no matter how many times we tried. But, after so many times of trying to cut the wires, they DID weaken a little, and then Zrinka took the matter in her own hands. She rubbed them, pulled them, shaked them, in all directions, and in the end - SHE CUT THEM WITH HER BARE HANDS! LOL I still can't believe it.

I love Zrinka :)

So the final result: I finally (after weeks of searching) have the dress, and the bike is back home. It was a successful weekend after all.